Web Solutions (App)

Highest quality behind the scenes... We will guarantee professionally developed web site. Database design and integration Content management system with usability testing and Personalization. This apps development Services advertising management tools - Traffic logging and analysis tools - account/secure transactions applications - User-tracking tool and more Services…

Tablet & Mobile (APP)

Tablets integrate with IT trends cloud-based solutions & apps which would not just help business get branding, but would enable the business to get sales from their mobile version itself. If your business is looking for out of box ideas with regards to iOS, android & mobile Apps, then our experts would be delighted to help you with their excellent and enthusiastic development skills.

Domain & Hosting

The business of domain, hosting ,emails, serving and maintaining files for one or more Web sites. More important than the computer space that is provided for Web site files is the fast connection to the Internet. Most hosting services offer connections on T-carrier system lines, E-mail hosting services thus differ from typical end-user e-mail providers such as webmail sites.

Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to the strategies that are used to market a product or service online, marketing strategies that include search engine optimization and search engine submission, copywriting that encourages site visitors to take action, web site design strategies, E news letter, online promotions and campaign, reciprocal linking, email marketing and that’s just hitting the highlights.

Interactive Solutions

We specializes in virtual learning environments including online training, curriculum-based courses and instructional design using the latest rich-media technologies integrated with eClassroom, distance learning and collaborative team applications.

Network Solutions

We can provide a comprehensive range of computer and technology solutions to small & medium business owners, you are looking for help with technology issues, problem prevention, virus and spyware remediation or technical support, iSmart Solutions can help.

About Us

iSmart Solutions takes pride for being a leading solution provider for all-inclusive web services and solutions to all our customers aiming to effectively help companies of all sizes and fields to achieve all business needs and goals they want. Here,Since the experts of our faculty follow different business ethical backgrounds, they are full-fledged in understanding all their wide-ranging needs and goals of every client with a goal to deliver quality and guaranteed results.

We do give ear to our clients that facilitates us in building a mutual customized strategy to understand thoroughly what it would actually take to achieve our client’s goals. Whether it is an enterprising project for a budding business or an already established web solutions company, iSmart Solutions Company expressly tends to add extra value to your company’s plan for success. We gain an extra edge over them by offering cutting-edge technology and services to our customers with foolproof success and at a minimum cost-effective budget.

Since our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction, we always struggle to provide vibrant, durable, and integrated solutions and offer consistent customer care that will help us to reach our customers’ utmost satisfaction. We uphold the maximum standards of ethics in our company performance with our all our diverse customers.

Why Choose Us

We exclusively tend to know you and your business need and when it comes to bridging the relationship with our customers, we esteem you as our clients; you speak and we listen. Thereafter we expressly follow to embark on the project with a commitment to deliver quality work within a specific time frame. Alongside, we relatively take interest in understanding you and your customers set the steppingstone for a high-valued IT solutions company.

Mission: To be the providers of IT strategies and services that deliver long term commercial benefits based on our clients key business requirements which we can achieve through the integration of business, technical and creative skills to help our clients improve IT efficiency, business profitability and reap the benefits of a digital economy.


iSmart Solutions has the pleasure to submit to you the supplying and installing the administrative office systems & Audio / Visual systems , This is from the biggest specialized brand & companies in that field :-


Will guarantee a professionally developed services to make technology an asset for your business rather than a problem & bring you tomorrow’s solutions today... we constantly strive to achieve our goal of absolute customer contentment and persevere the ultimate customer satisfaction and pleasure.

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